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Smartbridge motivesb psapi dll

This was stopped via C: Program - identify psapi.
Delete anything to do with Broadband Medic, Correct Connect or any other ntl software off the PC!
Dll files on your computer, you will need to rename them from psapi.
Make certain there is a check mark in Search Subfolders.
Reads entry point not found in Dynamic library psapi.Was having problems with anti-virus software and found Motive to be the cause.Ricecake, i got it after i installed SBC yahoo DSL warmdonuts, makes an annoying ding sound all the time took me ages to work out what was doing it ended the service and it was fine.Exe on my system.See also: Link Chris Show all 182 comments Is MotiveSB.Rombaut Part of the Bell Sympatico Net Assistant SmartBridge software - for internet help services.Follow the steps below to complete this process.Probably part of Verizon Online Support Center in the systray.If that doesn't work, I will remove the SBC self help software and see what happens.This may include cookies set by third parties such as Google.I would like to avoid paying new fishing game full version for more software to remove it thus I am researching to do this manually.Uncheck it in msconfig, startup tab!

Motomad Causes startup boot error.
After stopping the program my computer ran normally.
Cunningly, the executable gives you no clues as to its function other than the name.
Once you have located all of the psapi.
Vztek When loaded, this file definitely slows down my IBM thinkpad schteppi messed with Outlook express kimg up-dated Zone Alarm 23 Nov 05 identified MotiveSB.Thanks to you all here, I ran MSConfig and just disabled that pesky sucker.Coreen It is apart of the at t yahoo software bundle i know i hate it, everytime it turns on, it looks like its downloading something and during this process i cant do anything because it keeps popping right up again until its done.Exe within ntl broadband medic monitoring key strokes in Outlook, just after Outlook failed to connect to mail server.I checked all four and only one was See also: Link heroldT SBC/AT T uses this in their "Self Support Tool" that is a DOS based program that loads when a user logs into their home PC account.If you don't think it's harmless, Configure you firewall to deni MotiveSB.I deinstalled IE7 and it disappeared.

Ray part of dsl client connection softyware not malicious in any way at all fo i use NTL broadband in the UK,its part of the support package.