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Manual spectrometer user uv

Warns when X-ray is activated.
If not, the application name is displayed.
X-ray beam diameter The following table provides specific beam diameters at selected distances from the beam port when no sample is in place.Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.Option Description Display Units Measurement results can be displayed in PPM Parts per million.Powering off To turn off the analyzer Firmly press the power switch for one second.I, s1 titan and tracer 5 User Manual.Comply with all instructions and labels provided with the device.If more than two msn hack 5 2012 red LED elements fail, X-rays cannot be generated.Worst-case 2 highest power Tests were performed with the following settings: Setting Type Value Voltage (keV) 40 Current (A) 99 Filter Blank #2 At 5 cm Location At 30 cm Location At 10 cm Open Beam rad(Sieverts hr (.5(67.225) 1520.8(15.208) 2044.6(20.446) 198.7(1.987) 581.6(5.816).7(0.397) 4302.2(4.3022).Saved in the results list and.Specifies how measurement results are displayed.

Use the instrument for only its intended use.
Settings Button.
Tap a measurement to review.
Insert battery into charger with the Bruker name on the left side.See display Button, page.Labels Warning labels identify the analyzer as radiation producing.Use Default Settings unchecked, single phase Phases Accuracy 030.0112.01.0 Use Default Settings unchecked, multi-phase Phase Description 1st A quick, high level assay used to refine settings for the subsequent phase.Dose Worst-Case 2 Highest Power Distance (cm) Surface Eye / Skin Time to Limit 030.0112.01.0 Blank, No Filter mRad/mSieverts Open Beam With Sample 4057 /.571 Background 28891 / 288.91 Background 357618 / 3576.18 Background 395525 /.054 / 3955.25.Readings The instrument stray radiation profile was collected Operating without a filter.First Test settings must always be as long as, or longer, than First Result times.Date and time of the assay.Method Button.030.0112.01.0 14 of 58 i S1 titan and tracer 5 User Manual Remaining charge To check the charge remaining on a battery On the Bruker side of the battery, push the white button on the left.Sorting To sort data in a column in descending or ascending order tap a column heading.To delete one character at a time, from right to left, tap DEL.