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Php send email attachment pdf

php send email attachment pdf

The phpmailer/Exception class provides the errorMessage method to retrieve the error message directly from the exception object.
If you have any issue, check the phpmailer Troubleshooting guide or just leave me a comment below.
?php /copy current buffer contents into message variable and delete current output buffer message ob_get_clean /send the email mail_sent @mail( to, subject, message, headers /if the message is sent successfully print "Mail sent".Otherwise print "Mail failed" echo mail_sent?To set the language, just call the setLanguage method: If you want to use your own translation set, then you need to pass the translation file path to the function as second parameter (with a trailing directory separator).With mime, a message and all its attachments are encapsulated in a single multipart message, with base64 encoding used to convert binary into 7-bit ascii text - or on some modern mail servers, optionally full 8-bit support via the 8bitmime extension.Attaching non-text files was first done in 1980 by manually encoding 8-bit files using Mary Ann Horton 's uuencode, and later using BinHex or xxencode 16 and pasting the resulting text into the body of the message.You can download the ZIP file with the source code from the.Then you just need to include the needed classes files in your PHP script.PHP-mixed-?php echo random_hash;?Googles smtp may ask the client (in this case, the phpmailer script) to log in with the web browser first, or to follow this page s instructions.Pdf; /encrypt the book and create the protected file pdfEncrypt(origFile, password, destFile?"rnContent-Type: multipart/mixed; /read the atachment lords of satyr series pdf file contents into a string, /encode it with mime base64, /and split it into smaller chunks attachment /define the body of the message.

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Anyone found something that can do this without manual intervention?
To do that you can follow these instructions, or just go here while logged in with the Google account you want to use.
As an example, when, google 's, gmail service increased its arbitrary limit to 25MB it warned that: " you may not be able to send larger attachments to contacts who use other email services with smaller attachment limits ".
After you have completed all the required steps, you will have three authentication strings: the Client ID the Client Secret and the Refresh Token You need to use them in your phpmailer xauth2 authentication process.
A paper clip icon is the standard indicator for an attachment in an email client.Specifically, you need to install the league/oauth2-google package.In this final example you can see how this is done: Mastering PHP email handling is a big advantage."Here's what you need to do to protect your PC from ransomware and NotPetya"." -PHP-alt-?php echo random_hash;?Set the sender (From address This is probably the first thing you want.The required steps are: set namespace aliases for the phpmailer OAuth and league Google classes; include the league library (if you used the same Composer installation directory then the p file will take care of that set the script time zone to UTC ; this.Keep in mind that you will need to have a working development environment, because you will need to edit a phpmailer file ( get_oauth_p ) and run it with a web browser.In all the examples I will use the Windows installation path, because I am working on my local xampp development environment.Check bellow the solution I found for on the fly protecting a PDF file in PHP.After you have authorized less secure apps connections, you can try again and see if it works (you may need to wait for a couple of hours for the change to take effect).

This is simple text email message.
Once you have created a phpmailer object as seen in the previous examples, you can use the extensive phpmailer class functionalities to set all the email parameters and attributes you need.