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Starfleet technical reference manual

Rather than go ahead, I'd just as soon drop the whole thing right now and forget about." Lou Mindling called Judy Lynn del Rey, at Ballantine Books, and said, "It's awfully hard to talk to someone you don't know.
Speaking for myself, I thank.
To: Ballentine Books:.
The, star Fleet Technical Manual by is a reference book.
Using his aerospace design talents, he began making technical drawings of phasers and tricorders.A lot of fun for a Trek fan.Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual - Large PB in Vinyl Cover VG Condition!I must regretfully take typewriter in hand to comment on the clearly fictitious Star Fleet Technical Manual which is today, on this vary planet, being distributed to unsuspecting humanoids of every color, creed, and ear shape.There is a detailed layout of Star Fleet Academy, level by level.This has been a real drawback in efforts to prepare drawings of the various bridge stations.The print-out version of the Star Fleet Technical Manual, as used by the star Fleet Academy, is a collection of only those technical orders necessary to the indoctrination of new cadets until such time as they have become experienced in the use of the data.See previous letter in Jan/Feb 1976 printed in Archives' Log.3.1/2 (1976).If events had fallen differently in, you might be watching a different Star Trek today - one with Dreadnoughts' and a Star Fleet HQ space station.

At long last there are detailed patterns given for Star Fleet uniforms along with schematic drawings of every piece of equipment shown on the show from the Tri-corder to the Vulcan Lyrette.
Detailed drawings of the bridge, cabins, shuttlecraft, schematic of Starfleet.
I want to put a Forward into the Tech Manual, explaining some of the things I've discussed in this interview and explaining why FJ's designs are discrepant with "canon and Ballantine is evasive about letting me.
In the Terran version, the General Index summarizes the subject area groupings by technical order number blocks as a part of the total system of classification.If they take it on, the material will be available to the fans in volume without sacrificing quality.In as gentle and as diplomatic manner as we may, we should like to point out that this confusion yahoo vista voice patch is just another example of the many primitive attributes of your planet which prevent its acceptance into the United Federation of Planets at this time in your.Schnaubelt embodies those words.If you were cheated, write Lou Mindling, Paramount Television, 5451 Marathon Street, Holly wood, California.It was preceded by the purely fannish publication.Star trek 1975 - First Printing star trek Star Fleet Technical Manual Book.00, buy It Now or Best Offer, free Shipping, sTAR trek star fleet technical manual hardcover book first printing - Collector's Item.The manual is in excellent condition.Use as reference material edit The book was culled for background imagery in the first three Trek films.San Diego's response to club members: "After receiving this letter, it was decided at the next meeting to set aside an initial outlay.00 to provide.I sent Paramount a check for 400, and asked what I could do with the unsold sets of plans and all the fan requests I had for them.One bookstore said it was easy: "all you do is put the cash register just inside the door with the plans stacked up in front.

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